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Bro’s Doughs: A Sweet New Addition to Knapps Crossings

“A better way to doughnut”—that’s the motto of Bro’s Doughs, a new doughnut shop that recently opened in Knapps Crossings. They offer fun, fresh, mini doughnuts in 50 different classic and signature creations. The shop is run by Brodie (“Bro”) and Meghan Hock, who were both born and raised in Michigan and are excited to bring their treats to the community. Classic doughnuts are $1.25 and creations are $1.50. They also sell packs of 6 and 12 in classics, creations, or half of each, as well as beverages.

When I walked into the shop, the sweet aroma made my mouth water. I was almost overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of flavors. Everything looked delicious: salted caramel macchiato, lemon raspberry, chocolate caramel pretzel, Samoa. I eventually chose the raspberry truffle, which consists of raspberry frosting, raspberry glaze, and chocolate chips on top of the freshly fried doughnut. The first bite was an explosion of flavor. The doughnut was a bit crispy on the outside, and light on the inside. The still-warm pastry had melted the chocolate chips for a perfectly textured topping. Since the doughnuts were small, I would recommend two or three.

A few other members of the Hawk Herald tried doughnuts as well. Tara Kloostra (‘22) tried the lemon raspberry doughnut and commented: “It was really good and the combination of flavors worked together really well.” Josie Ness (‘20) has tried several flavors, including oreo cheesecake, vanilla cinnamon, and dirt pie. Her favorite part is that “all the doughnuts are warm and made to order.”

When I asked the owner, Brodie Hock, why he wanted to open a doughnut shop here, he responded: “My wife and I were looking just to move and start something new, so we moved here in the fall.” As he stated, they believe in a “better way to doughnut, and making fresh is definitely a better way to doughnut.” When asked about his values as a business, he said: “We want to be all about the family and about the community, and it doesn’t matter what age, people love doughnuts, people love fresh doughnuts. It’s a fun place to work, fun place to visit, delicious food, bright, pretty. It’s just a great spot  in the community.” Customers obviously agree, as the small shop was busy even before noon. He said his personal favorites are “obviously the CinnaBro, not just because it’s named after me, the raspberry crumble, and the salted cookie butter.”

Overall, Bro’s Doughs has a lovely, cozy atmosphere and amazing, well-crafted doughnut creations. The Hawk Herald staff would highly recommend taste-testing any of their numerous flavors.

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