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Month: January 2020

Shrine Erected to Superintendent Behm in Great Hall

“It is the end of January. There have been no snow days, and we are desperate,” explained an anonymous member of the group responsible for the shrine that has appeared in the corner of the Great Hall this week. “This time last year we had a polar vortex and no school for an entire week. It’s just not fair.” Seniors, in particular, are agitated, hoping to maximize the number of days missed in the second…

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Mia Tepic Figure Skating: Athleticism and Artistry

Mia Tepic’s passion for figure skating sparked while watching the Olympics with her mother. She joined the Grand Rapids Figure Skating Club when she was nine years old and has been skating ever since.    Mia takes part in annual figure skating competitions with her team. This year, the season starts in May with the Lansing Van Camp Invitation on March 13th. Her favorite memory from a competition was the first competition of last season.…

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EDITORIAL ENDORSEMENT: Pete Buttigieg for the Democratic Nomination

In no way does an endorsement on behalf of an editor reflect an endorsement by Forest Hills Public Schools or the Hawk Herald. Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a record of service to his country, the respect of many elected officials, a strong set of moral beliefs, and powerful ideas for America’s future. He is the strongest candidate to face Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. He is by far the…

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Taal Volcano Eruption Aftermath Shakes the Philippines

On January 2nd, Gil family members and friends made the trek to the Filipino holiday city of Tagaytay from all corners of the earth to witness the marriage of my aunt and her new husband. Though only 35 miles away from my grandparent’s house in the capital city, Manila, the drive was painfully slow. As soon as we reached the city limits, the two lanes merged into one, and the usual midday traffic slowed to…

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Eastern Anonymous Week 1

Enjoy Eastern Anonymous’s first batch of shoutouts! Feel free to submit your own here to be included in the next installment on January 28. Submissions are categorized alphabetically within each category. Seniors “Shoutout to Emma Earl for being the coolest senior ever.” “Allayna Hight is so nice, beautiful, and a fantastic singer!” “I like Sam Gilmore‘s shoes.” “Gabe Hassan is the best wrestler I have ever seen.” / “Gabe Hassan is really cute.” “I’m in…

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Camy Pfister Supports Children Affected by Cancer

Camy Pfister is a sophomore who has a passion for helping children. Every Thursday, she goes downtown and works with kids who either have cancer or have someone in their family who is suffering from it. For a while, they will play games or play with toys, and then they all do an activity that helps the children learn coping skills without being so upfront about it. When asked how she felt while volunteering with…

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