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What Choir Means to You

The Forest Hills Eastern Chorale has had a busy past couple of weeks with performances around the community. They started the holiday season off with a show at Egypt Valley Country Club for their annual holiday party. Next, they sang a couple of pieces with the orchestra last Wednesday. Thursday was the holiday concert with performances from Concert Choir, Chorale, and Eastern Singers. Many alumni and community members came  to this concert not only to hear the wondrous music but also to participate in Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. Lastly, on Friday, they went on the holiday tour around the community with stops at Orchard View Elementary, Knapp Forest, and the FHPS Transition Center. 

With the concert season in full swing, it is important to take a moment to fully embrace life happening around us. A few choir  students offered what choir meant to them:

What does choir mean to you?

“Well, what I love about it is that it’s just really fun and a nice class that I actually enjoy working hard in. It’s not like ‘ah man this sucks’ and I don’t get stressed. It’s a great atmosphere, everyone is laid back and the nature of the class is so fun. Of course you have to work but it’s fun, and of course I get to be with my brother.” Sam Sietsema

“Choir is a great way to be with a lot of my close friends and start off my morning in a good way. I love music and Mrs. Blink does a really good job with all of us. I love having rehearsal every day, it’s just so fun.” Zach Elmouchi

“Choir is my favorite part of the day. Everyone is so fun and supportive, and I love singing with everyone. Choir has helped me become more confident and meet so many of my close friends. I’m so grateful that I get to wake up and sing great songs with great people every morning.” Jill Pierangeli

“The world! It’s so essential to my life. I’ll be like, ‘oh I wish I could take that class but I just don’t have time’ and people will say, ‘just take out choir’ but do you understand that I need it to breathe? Choir is oxygen. It’s so essential and I love it. It’s safe and happy.” Carli Maltbie