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The Hawk Herald Giving Thanks (Pt. 2)

“I am thankful for senior year. Or rather, I am thankful for the perspective that senior year has imparted on me. It brings on so many “last firsts” –– last first day, last first show, last first dance. These were events that I always valued, but there’s something about its finality of it all this year that leads me to value them more. I am thankful as well for the sense of security senior year offers. I don’t know if, after graduation, I will ever again be able to divide my life as definitively as I can now. It’s nice to have one final year where I can follow my routine and know at least some things for certain before walking into the unknown. I appreciate senior year as a symbol of high school’s finiteness, as one last year I can spend with my friends before we all go our different ways. That being said, I am very glad that high school is finite; that is what makes it special.” – Natalie Robbins

“People are thankful for many things. Their health, their wealth, their home, but the thing I’m most thankful for is my family. No matter how I’m doing is sports or athletics I can always come home to a loving and caring environment. So when you are sitting at the table during Thanksgiving eating turkey, remember to look up at appreciate those around you.” – Andrew Meloche

“Every year, I dread the days in which snow and ice turn driving into mechanical ice skating. However, I am thankful that with the use of my window scraper, I can at least see the skating rink. Like most, I would prefer to be away from storms of snow and ice — somewhere peaceful and warm like Florida or Arizona. But until spring break, I am thankful that I have my window scraper to combat Michigan winters.” – Josie Ness

“I am grateful for all of those who have helped me succeed in my musical journey. Because of their assistance, I will be able to continue music in college studying violin performance. I have been given so many opportunities to perform on my instrument through many different individuals and organizations.” – Nate La Huis

“I am thankful for the Forest Hills theatre program. After a long day of sixth grade, I hopped into my mom’s car and she drove me to my very first audition. Previously, I had taken classes with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and loved the feeling of being on stage. By casting me as a member of the kid’s chorus in the FHE high school production of The Music Man in 2014, Ms. Pruski and Mr. Boelkins had opened up a new door for me that I still can’t get enough of. I wouldn’t trade the rush of being on stage and getting to perform with those that I love for anything in the world. With every cast I’m a part of, I get the privilege to meet new people that become some of the ones I hold most near and dear. Every new cast feels like a beautiful new family and I’m so lucky to be a part of it. I couldn’t be more thankful.” – Anna Rapaport

“I am thankful for my family. My two younger brothers are full of life and always light up the room. They bring an abundance of joy and laughter to my family. I am thankful for my mother, for being an amazing role model and showing me how to live out my faith. I am thankful for my dad for being someone that I can always lean on and being someone who is always there to talk.” – Katie Stotts

“While zero-hour sounds unappealing to most, I cannot imagine beginning my day any other way. Getting hype to “September,” “Greensleeves,” “Feel it Still,” and other iconic tunes at 6:45 am with the jazz band is one of my favorite parts of the day. Every morning, the group of bleary-eyed musicians gather in the band room, where we vent about seasonal depression, exchange advice about classes, and are able to improve our musical abilities. I am especially thankful for Mr. Bob Engelsman, the jazz band instructor, who since freshman year has consistently listened to my angst, given me reassurance, and provided life and music advice. For the relationships cultivated from pre-show stress, the endless memes, the hilarious memories, and the occasional “question of the day,” I am endlessly thankful.” -Isabel Gil