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Ramona Quimby

The Forest Hills Eastern Theater Department is performing Ramona Quimby, a play based on the bestselling book series by Beverly Cleary. In this play, Ramona Quimby, played by Amanda Solem (‘20), causes trouble while living with her older sister Beezus, played by Kilana Vosburg (‘21), and her parents, played by Stephanie Vandermyde (‘20) and Austin Sietsema (‘20). During the play, Ramona is faced with many struggles, such as her father losing his job, her mother having to find work, her Aunt Bea, played by Jill Pierangeli (‘20), getting married and moving away, and an ongoing rivalry with her sister. Each character is plagued with different challenges and develops accordingly.

Opening Night was Thursday, October 7th, and the performance left me in awe. From the moment the first curtain rose and Beezus stepped on stage to introduce the audience to the Quimby’s crazy world, I wasn’t able to think of anything other than what was happening in front of me. The way each actor embraced their character through accents and body language made me feel as if I were a part of what was going on. 

The costumes and sets transported the audience back to the 1980s. I felt like I was peeking through a window into someone’s life with the couch and various pictures and paintings on the wall. Each actor’s wardrobe showed the height of 80’s fashion. From the plaid dresses worn by Susan to Aunt Bea’s brightly colored dresses and hats.

The cast has been preparing since mid-September and could not wait to show everyone what they have been working so hard on these past few months. Luke Kloostra, who attended the play said, “It was actually really good. I wasn’t super excited to go, but I liked it much more than I thought I would.”

Overall, I thought that the show was incredible and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to do this weekend. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 7 pm, and tickets can be purchased for $5 for students and $7 for regular tickets. They can be purchased at or in person at the FHE Auditorium.