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A Trip to Brody’s Be Cafe

Located in downtown Ada in a petite blue building is the new Brody’s Be Cafe. After opening a few months ago, there was a lot of buzz about the cafe in schools and on social media.

 What made Brody’s so different was not what they served, but the cause they served. The cafe is a nonprofit small business run by Jenny Cole and was inspired by Rachel’s son, Brody, who was born with down syndrome. The cafe is seen as a bridge over the gap in the community of the mentally disabled and the non-mentally disabled. Brody’s Be Cafe’s mission is to be a place for all people, where all are welcomed and valued. The cafe supports people with special needs by offering them employment at the cafe as well as donating their profits to help those with special needs. The employees with special needs work beside those without them in the cafe, brewing coffee and working the cash register. 

Brody’s Be Cafe. Photo credit: Kattie Stotts.

After looking into the now infamous cafe, I decided to check it out for myself. Along with me on my trip to Brody’s Be Cafe, I brought Anna Rappaport and Tara Kloostra. Without having seen any photos of the cafe, I was shocked upon our arrival – the cafe was warm and welcoming. Upon entering, the girls and I were greeted with warm smiles, “hello”’s, and the smell of coffee brewing. The environment was overwhelmingly home-like and welcoming, with sweet, inspirational and motivational quotes hanging on walls and sitting on shelves and comfortable couches and chairs to sit in. Along with the comfy seating options, there were also small and large tables throughout the home for patrons to sit at. 

After taking in the scene, Anna, Tara and I scanned the menu and ordered. Tara ordered a latte, Anna ordered a donut-muffin, and I ordered a hot chocolate. After paying, we quickly claimed the couch and one chair in one of the rooms and after about 10 minutes, our drinks were ready. Anna’s muffin was “simply delicious.” She said, “It was different, but it was good”. She has never heard of or eaten a donut muffin before! Tara and I also enjoyed our purchases. Both of us agreed that we could order small portions and that it was ready-to-drink and not scorching hot like other coffee shops serve their drinks. Tara said that her coffee was not too creme heavy and had a “perfect consistency.” She enjoyed that there was not a thick layer of foam at the top that made the coffee feel almost too heavy to consume. I loved my hot chocolate. It was rich and creamy, but not too heavy – perfect! 

The visit was, great because of the quality of food and drink, but it was also great because of one more thing- it was heartwarming. The environment is light, colorful, and warm, making patrons feel at home, at ease, and welcome. Anna, Tara and I absolutely loved our drinks and food and would definitely recommend that others visit Brody’s Be Cafe!

Brody’s Be Cafe. Photo credit: Kattie Stotts.