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The New Knapps Corner Nutrition

Just recently opened, Knapp’s Corner Nutrition is a tea and shake bar that serves great tasting drinks with all of the nutrients fuel people’s bodies. Owned by Renae Baron, Knapps Corner Nutrition’s mission is to serve healthy teas and shakes to the community. The bar is located next to Celebration Cinema and Coldstone on Knapp’s Corner. It is well-lit with natural light and has aesthetic decor. There is seating inside along the bar, where the drinks are prepared, as well as various tables and seats along the walls and windows. 

Upon entering the bar, customers are given a white piece of paper that is used to place orders. For just nine dollars, customers get to choose both a milkshake and tea from the menu. To order, the customers check off the flavor of tea and milkshake that they would like, then if they want, they can add supplements and vitamins to their drinks. With over twenty flavor options, the milkshakes are not regular, sugar-filled, unhealthy shake. These shakes are meal replacements made with a flavored protein powder that contains 24 grams of protein. Along with the shakes, the teas have various flavor options. These teas are made with juices and added vitamins and nutrients. What makes the teas even more special is the fact that aloe is added to them. Aloe helps the customer’s body absorb all of the nutrients in their drinks to boost both their energy and immune system.

When I visited the bar, I ordered the strawberry milkshake shake and the blue raspberry tea. Both were delicious. The strawberry milkshake tasted just like any other sugar-filled milkshake. I could not believe that what I was drinking was actually great for my health. The tea tasted similar to a blue raspberry lemonade. I drank both of these drinks instead of eating dinner to see if they truly could do their job of replacing meals. To my surprise, they kept me full for the rest of the evening.

Overall, my experience was great and I loved what I ordered. I am looking forward to trying something new when I return. Make sure to visit Knapp’s Corner Nutrition next time you are craving a shake or would simply like to try something new!