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The Gravy Train Makes a Stop in Grand Rapids

This past Friday, the Gravy Train rolled through Grand Rapids, Michigan. Matthew Hauri, better known as Yung Gravy, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter known for hit songs like “Mr. Clean” and “Flex Season.” Gravy released his first single, “Karen,” in September of 2016, but his music career really started to blast off after the release of his debut EP, Mr. Clean. His musical style consists of modern-day trap music with a twist of old school rap.

Following the release of his debut album on May 31st, Sensational, Gravy also announced that he would be touring the United States in the upcoming fall. Surprisingly, the Sensational tour was planned to play a show at The Intersection, located in downtown Grand Rapids. As my friends and I have been hooked on Yung Gravy for the past few months, we knew it would not be a show to miss.

October 4th quickly approached and the time for the Yung Gravy concert finally arrived. We rolled up to The Intersection and eagerly hopped out of the car. The line to get inside wrapped around the building. Everyone was shivering from the nippy fall breeze, ready to get inside. The line finally started to move and eventually there we were, inside the venue, following the mobs of people.

As we worked our way through the crowd, towards the stage, the show was about to start. The first person to arrive on stage was DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip. He was ready to hype up the crowd. With some familiar tunes such as “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo and “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, the crowd was singing along and ready to go.

Yung Gravy performing at the Intersection. Photo credit: Katy Ferris.

First, Billy Marchiafava took the stage. With a strong effort, he attempted to get the crowd going. He jumped with his hands in the air motioning for the crowd to do the same, but the overall crowd did not exactly follow. But, I have to commend him for the immense amount of energy he put into his performance.

Billy Marchiafava performing at the Intersection. Photo credit: Katy Ferris.

Next came SavageRealm. While he strolled on stage with his tiny little sunglasses, I knew things were about to get crazy. His crowd interaction was absolutely phenomenal. With every song, he told the crowd what to say back to him. Although his songs were silly and did not make much sense, the fact that a whole concert venue was repeating it back made it almost seem normal. He really got the crowd ready for the Yung Gravy.

SavageRealm performing at the Intersection. Photo credit: Katy Ferris.

The time had finally come, Yung Gravy was about to be right in front of our eyes. The room was practically body to body, but the fact that we all shared the same excitement made for a more comfortable environment. We were all in the same position, ready to dance the night away with Yung Gravy. The crowd shrieked the words, “Gravy Train! Gravy Train!” over and over until finally, there he was. The words turned to full-on screams as he started rapping and the crowd started to sing along. Throughout the show, Gravy emphasized the importance of hydration and followed with throwing water bottles at the crowd and later, grapes. He feeds off of his fans’ energy. The crazier we got, the more he would put into his show. At one point, he instructed us to “part like the red sea,” and ran through the crowd. 

This was definitely the most absurd concert I’ve been to. From a guy wearing medieval headgear and playing Pokemón Go, to Yung Gravy spewing Frosted Flakes across the crowd, it was definitely a strange night, to say the least. He ended the night by reading the popular Dr. Sues book, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” His last words were “Grand Rapids, you were so hype I sweated through two shirts! I love you!” The night flew by and it was time for the Gravy Train to leave the station. It was a night to remember.

Yung Gravy performing at the Intersection. Photo credit: Katy Ferris.