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Month: October 2019

5 Things to do in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is full of hidden gems and popular sites. People of all ages can find fun activities for low prices anywhere in the city. Individuals, couples, and groups can enjoy the following places on a free afternoon or evening.   1. Happy Cat Cafe Cat-lovers can visit this cafe to eat snacks, drink a variety of beverages, and (of course) play with cats. Patrons can purchase a thirty-minute time slot or an hour time…

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2019 Homecoming Court Announced

This morning the nominations for Forest Hills Eastern’s 2019 Homecoming court was announced. Voting will open on Friday, October 11th after each couple presents its video to the school. Homecoming king and queen will be crowned later that day during halftime at the football game. Girls Emma Joppe Katie Noom Leah Palladino Chloe Peters Darcy Roper Sadie Rose Boys Vipul Adusumilli Luke Brenner Bryan Daniels Jacob Howell Cedric Steed Chris Tolly

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Homecoming Advice for Freshmen

In the fall of my freshman year, I remember being equal parts ecstatic and terrified for homecoming. For me, it symbolized the shedding of my middle school chrysalis and the spreading of my high school wings. However, as the eldest child of my family and with minimal contact with upperclassmen, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of my first school dance. How fancy should I dress? Is attending pointless without a date? Is the…

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Restaurant Review: Morning Belle

A new brunch bistro, Morning Belle, opened last week Wednesday on the East Beltline; the Hawk Herald’s Jill Pierangeli, Nathan La Huis, and I visited at noon this Sunday and found ourselves pleasantly surprised. Upon arrival, its already small lobby was made smaller by the waves of hungry post-church visitors waiting for their seats. It may have simply been the opening weekend craze, but I predict that Morning Belle’s doors will see just as many customers…

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Catching Up With Lil Naan

Nanda Murali, often referred to by his rapper name Lil Naan, proclaimed that he would stop making music about a year ago. Lil Naan has since been revived and released new music over the summer and in early September.  Critics have called Nanda’s newest song “his best work yet.” “CRUNCH (WRAP SUPREME)” features exciting lyrics that coincide with modern-day rap culture, like “I’ve been droppin’ all these bangers in the Lambo cruisin’,” and “got this…

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