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Luke Brenner’s Football Journey

Luke Brenner is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern. He spends much of his time hanging out with friends and family, and dedicates many of his hours to football. Brenner plays running back on the school’s varsity football team. Since he began playing in the second grade, he has always been a stand-out athlete. 

Luke says that what he loves most about the game is “the team aspect” and that his team is “a really close, bonded group of individuals because [they] spent all summer together and spend three and a half hours together every day”. Brenner also says that “It’s really fun getting to know everybody and having these relationships.”

At the beginning of his junior year, Brenner began receiving offers to play college-level football from various schools such as Valparaiso, Dayton, and Davenport. He plans on continuing his football career after high school but is unsure of which college he will attend. Brenner says that he is looking for a “decently sized school, one that [he’d] like to be a part of, one where [he is] going to meet a lot of nice and great people and a place [he] can call home.” Football-wise, “[he] would like a nice staff and teammates who are nice and supportive.” After college, Brenner hopes to become a teacher and football coach. 

Brenner attributes much of his success on the field to his family because “they motivate [him] and help [him] through everything” and “they kept [him] focused and gave [him] opportunities to succeed and get [himself] out there”. Brenner is also grateful for his coaches and teammates for “helping [him] in the weight room and being supportive.” 

As a successful young athlete, Brenner has learned a lot about the recruitment process and how his hard work has paid off. His advice to young athletes who aspire to play a sport in college is, “Don’t expect coaches just to come to you. It’s a tedious process of emails, text messages, camps and everything like that to get your name out there. If you want to go play somewhere you’ve got to get in contact with them. Work hard, anythings possible. I weighed 105 pounds freshman year and now I’m going to play college football.”