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Catching Up With Lil Naan

Nanda Murali, often referred to by his rapper name Lil Naan, proclaimed that he would stop making music about a year ago. Lil Naan has since been revived and released new music over the summer and in early September. 

Critics have called Nanda’s newest song “his best work yet.” “CRUNCH (WRAP SUPREME)” features exciting lyrics that coincide with modern-day rap culture, like “I’ve been droppin’ all these bangers in the Lambo cruisin’,” and “got this money, make it rain.” It has been played over 700 times on SoundCloud, surpassing all of his previous work and contributing to his total of over 3,000 streams for his work.

Nanda’s album cover. Credit: Nanda Murali

Nanda’s music is inspired by his friends. He and his friends enjoy spending time at Taco Bell and thought that it would be fun to write a song about it. 

Nanda believes that his music has improved over the years. “I use actual melodies and choruses in my songs now,” he explained. While people still “roast him,” for his music, he has received a lot of positive feedback on his newest song. 

Nanda plans to continue making music, “but just for fun.” When he is not in character as “Lil Naan,” he can be found playing varsity tennis or practicing the cello. 


Check out Lil Naan’s music on SoundCloud: