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Boys JV Tennis: a Team of Varsity-Level Athletes

Forest Hills Eastern’s Boys Junior Varsity Tennis is an infamous team of players that are currently all the hype at FHE. The roster is made up of all classes and represents boys of all different skill levels. While watching them on the court, it is clear that they are fighters, good teammates, and deserve all the attention they have received in the past weeks. 

Sam Gilmore. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.

The team finished above 500 in the state, and continuously defied expectations. “We did a lot better than I thought we would,” said Sam Gilmore, a senior at Eastern. “I feel like everyone’s pretty friendly with each other and we can all get along,” he says about his teammates. “Other teams you see just don’t get along, but I feel that our team has pretty good chemistry. I think I could play with most people on the team and we would do okay.” 

Sam Gilmore. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.

Beating East Grand Rapids and Central was the sweetest win of the season for Sam. “We beat them back-to-back,” he said. “In the match against Central, I played the best I’ve ever played at the net.” It was not always wins on the court for the team, however. “The toughest loss was probably the Byron Center [match] just because it was two hours and fifteen minutes long… That’s just a really long time to play tennis,” he said. 

FHE JV Tennis Team. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.

The funniest moment of the season, according to Sam, was during the match at Catholic Central. It began to rain and the drainage system overfilled and the courts became covered in water that was ankle-deep. He and Brett Carson quickly sprinted out to his car to escape the flood. 

Coach Bill. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.

The team is made up of talented players, as well as a fantastic coach: the iconic Coach Bill. “[Coach Bill] is very positive and he loves to win and he really does care about his players.”

FHE JV Tennis Team. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.

When he was asked to look back on the season, Sam said, “I would recommend playing JV tennis as a senior. It’s a really good time.” 

Brady Siegrist. Photo Credit: Nathan La Huis.