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Hayley Toigo: Making a Difference

Hayley Toigo is currently a junior at Forest Hills Eastern High School. Like many other teenagers, she enjoys spending her time with friends and family. Haley also participates in both varsity volleyball and tennis. 

What sets Hayley apart from her peers, however, is the charity that she runs with help from her younger sister, Brooke Toigo, called “Char-itees”. Char-itees makes and sells t-shirts for larger charity’s events. The profit from the shirts go towards the larger charity that they choose to partner with.

Haley and Brooke Toigo. Photo Credit: Haley Toigo.

This summer, Chari-tees focused on working with Team Triumph, an organization that helps people with disabilities participate in 5k’s, marathons, and other sporting events by providing needed equipment for the athletes. The Toigo sisters designed Team Triumph t-shirts and sold them for $20 each online and at various Team Triumph events. The profit from the t-shirts went towards race wheelchairs to be used in marathons and 5ks. 

Hayley says that she “loves what [she] is doing because it allows [her] to give back to the community” and that “it feels good knowing that [she] is making an impact and helping people to accomplish things that may seem impossible at times.”

Make sure to visit their website to purchase a shirt to support the Toigos and their fellow charities!