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Guide to Hawk Hall Points

The season for earning hawk points has begun! The following information is to clarify the process of earning points.

Attendance At School Events:

The main way to earn points for your Hawk Hall is by attending school events and taking pictures with the members in your Hawk Team Room. Make sure that the picture is clear and includes people only from your Hawk Team Room. There must be at least 6 people in order for the picture to earn points. The more people you can convince to go to the event, the more points you’ll earn for your Hall! 

       For Home Events:         For Away Events:

  6+ People    = 10 points   6+ People    = 16 points

10+ People    = 18 points 10+ People    = 29 points

15+ People    = 32 points 15+ People    = 51 points

20+ People    = 46 points 20+ People    = 74 points

25+ People    = 62 points 25+ People    = 99 points

30+ People    = 80 points 30+ People    = 128 points

6+ means 6 or more people 🙂 

Clarifications Regarding Pictures:

  • Your picture must be with the people within your Hawk Team Room (it has about 30 people). You will not receive points for taking a picture with people from your Hall in general. Make sure they are in your Hawk Team Room!
  • People participating in the event will also count for points so make sure to either include them in your photo OR leave their name(s) in the comments section of your photo when you upload it (or tell your senior leader to do so).
  • Students who are NOT Senior Leaders – If you take the photo, send it to your senior leader for them to “cash it in” for points.

Please reach out The Hawk Resources team with any questions.

Good luck, Hawks!