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First Week Jitters

The first school week at Forest Hills Eastern has come and gone. Students had varying opinions and experiences. After the first week jitters, here is what these four students had to say.

Trenton Brink

First, Trenton Brink discussed his first week of high school. Adjusting to high school from middle school can be tough. “My first week of ninth grade was a lot more stressful. I was concerned about the amount of homework I was going to have and about all the kids in my hours.” Trenton is most excited for “all the fun stuff freshmen get to do like homecoming, swirl, and all the fun assemblies [they] get to have every once in a while.” He is also on the JV tennis team. “We had a tough match yesterday against Rockford.” When asked what he wants to accomplish this year he answered, “I want to get involved in more clubs even with how much homework I’ll have.” The three words Trenton used to describe his first week were, “It was horrible.”

Ben McKim

Second, Ben McKim, a sophomore at FHE, sat down to talk about his first week. Ben touched on how, “The start of tenth grade was a lot less nerve racking because I knew where to go and where other classes were. I wasn’t as nervous because I felt like I already knew everybody.” Ben is most excited for the career blitz program. He is excited for theatre this year but is also looking into Model UN, “I have a very political side and so I’m really interested in joining Model UN.” This year Ben wants to “accomplish the things that 16 year olds should accomplish: getting my license, expanding my friend group, and getting to know more people that I don’t usually talk to.” When describing his first week of school in three words he chose, “smiling, unusual, and new.”

Kilana Vosburgh

Next, Kilana Vosburgh talked about the begining of school. When asked about her first week of sophomore year compared to her first week of junior year, she followed with, “It feels really weird to be an upperclassman.” When asked what she was most excited for, she exclaimed, “Prom!” Kilana adores theatre and is ecstatic for the shows this year. “I love theatre. It allows me to express myself.” Her first week summed up in three words would be, “confusion, exhaustion, and alright.”

Austin Sietsema

The last student interviewed was Austin Sietsema, a senior at FHE. When asked to compare his first week of junior year to senior year he replied, “There’s not a lot of difference.” Austin is most excited for “all the cool things seniors get to do like senior retreat, and how we get those little treats out in the lunch room. Generally, I’m just excited about my last year.” He loves participating in theatre. “It’s loads of fun. This is my last year so I’m hoping to make it a really great show.” When asked about what he wanted to accomplish this year he answered, “Well firstly, I want to pass. But, I really just want to make it a good year. It’s my last one!” The three words Austin would use to describe his first week are “easy so far.”

The first week of school is exciting yet stressful. Through the nerves and the butterflies, students have persisted with enthusiastic attitudes that have extremely impressed the teachers of FHE. Transition can be tough, but adapting to all the changes gets easier day by day. This is going to be a tremendos school year for the Eastern Hawks. Study hard, have fun, and good luck!