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Cedric Steed and Parking Lots’ New Album

“Say Hello to the Elevator People,” Parking Lots’ new album, dropped early this morning at 12:00 am. 

Cedric Steed (‘20) and his band members Zach and Bradley have “spent every waking moment that [they] have had as a band together since last November on this album.” They put upwards of 400-500 hours into writing and recording the album’s 17 songs.

Cedric Steed playing a show at Cannonsburg Ski Area with his former hair color. “I believe that dying your hair is an important part of being a musician. I don’t know any musicians who have their natural hair color and are making it.” Source: Cedric Steed.

Cedric describes the album as being “full of crazy noises.” He says that the album is about “finding yourself, loving your neighbor, and being inspired by life and the world around you.”

Parking Lots’ music is influenced by early art-rock, like David Bowie, along with some post-punk, like Joy Division, Brian Eno, and Kanye West.

After high school, Cedric plans to go with his band to Seattle, New Mexico, or Australia to continue playing shows and making music. Parking Lots might also go on a short tour this summer, but has not solidified the plan yet.

Parking Lots (from left to right: Zach, Cedric, Bradley.) Source: Cedric Steed


The album is now available on all social media platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. There will be an album release show at 7:30 pm on Saturday, August 21st at the Wealthy Street Annex.