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Cast Announced for Ramona Quimby

The Forest Hills Eastern theatre department will be putting on a production of Ramona Quimby early this November. Based on the book series by Beverly Cleary, the play is about a troublesome third-grader named Ramona Quimby who lives with her parents and her older sister, Beezus. We watch as Ramona handles a myriad of problems, from her teacher’s dislike, her father’s firing, her aunt’s unsatisfactory fiancé, and her tumultuous relationship with her sister. The show is a humorous depiction of a family that realizes the importance of sticking together through hard times.

Auditions for the show began Tuesday, and the results were published this afternoon:

Ramona Quimby: Amanda Solem (’20)

Beezus Quimby: Kilana Vosburg (’21)

Mrs. Quimby: Stephanie VanderMyde (’20)

Mr. Quimby: Austin Sietsema (’20)

Aunt Bea: Jill Pierangeli (’20)

Howie Kemp: Jaisal Chopra (’22)

Uncle Hobart: Graham Howard (’20)

Mrs. Kemp: Mallorie Brehm (’21)

Mrs. Griggs: Brooke Morley (’21)

Susan: Isabel Gil (’21)

Tammy: Anna Rapaport (’21)

Selma: Gabrielle Lee (’23)

Mr. Frost: Deni Tepic (’22)

Old Man: Connor Watson (’20)

Director: Deni Tepic (’22)

Doctor: Deni Tepic (’22)

Ensemble: Isabel Gil, Anna Rapaport, Abigail Rush, Emma Stapleton, Emma Erlenbeck, Julia Bileth, Sophia Herweyer, Angelina Fontanez, Taylor Reynolds, Zoe Kukla, Michelle Kodie, Jaclyn Emmorey, Allayna Hight, Halle Mikula, Benjamin McKim, Keegan Felty, Conner Watson, Owen Danke, Russel Ortega, Deni Tepic

Ramona Quimby runs from November 7 through November 9. Tickets can be bought online or at the show. For more information, go to