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Adams Shines in a Defensive Spectacle as Hawks Win 24 – 7

In a spectacular fashion, the Forest Hills Eastern Hawks bounced back from a disappointing loss against the Fruitport Trojans to beat the Holland Christian Maroons 24 – 7. The Hawks’ first home game opened with a heavy defensive battle.  With two minutes and forty seconds left in the first quarter, the Hawks scored their first touchdown of the night, bringing the score to 7 – 0.

Continuing the defensive sludge of the first quarter, the Hawks trudged down the field for over five whole minutes. On their first red zone play, the Hawks fumbled the ball away to the Maroons to pin them on their own fourteen yard line with 7:32 left to play in the half. The Maroons flew down the field in just one minute and twenty-four seconds, leading to their first touchdown of the game that tied the score at seven apiece with 6:08 to play in the half.

The Hawks had Austin Adams set to return the kickoff from the Maroons following their touchdown. What started off as an average return attempt quickly became much more than that. Austin Adams (’20) juked two different defensemen and quickly got away from the other Maroons players. In just 53 seconds, Adams returned the kick for 95 yards to bring the Hawks their second touchdown of the night, bringing the score to 14 – 7. 

Austin Adams (5) celebrates after returning a 95 yard kickoff for a touchdown.

The Maroons received the ball after the Hawks touchdown. They burned the clock out until there was 1:21 left in game time before they turned over the ball for the first time that night. Austin Adams intercepted the ball on a pass from the Maroons for his second big play of the game. Unfortunately, the interception did not lead to another score. The half ended with a Hawks lead of 14 – 7. 

Entering the second half, the Maroons received the ball only to be faced with a 4th down and 5 yards to go. In a bold move, the Maroons decided to test their luck going for it on 4th down when most would punt. Holland Christian did not convert on 4th down and turned the ball over on downs to the Hawks with 7:01 left to play in the third quarter. Starting their drive with amazing field position, the Hawks did not need much for their third touchdown. Adams was the targeted receiver for his second touchdown of the night. Alas, the touchdown was called back for holding on the Hawks. The Hawks could not find the end zone after that penalty and settled for a field goal, bringing the score to 17 – 7 Hawks lead with 3:18 left in the third quarter.

Entering the fourth and final quarter, the Hawks burned about two and a half minutes off the clock and threw an interception that gave the Maroons their first possession of the quarter. Holland Christian quickly turned over the ball on downs with 8:31 left in regulation. The Hawks received the ball with,again, excellent field position. This led to the final touchdown for the Hawks. 24 – 7 was the final score for the Hawks’ first win of the season.

Austin Adams shined in week two with two touchdowns, one of which was called back, and an interception. When asked about how he felt about his performance, he said, “Good, I couldn’t do it without my team. I do everything for the team. It’s what we’re here for. I love my community. I love my team. I love my coaches. I do everything [for the team].”

The Hawks (1-1) are away next week against the Thornapple Kellogg Trojans (1-1), where they should cruise to an easy win.