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End of the Year Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

The Hawk Herald will be taking a break until next August. This year, we transitioned from a physical paper to a digital site. We appreciate your patience during this change. 

Next year, we plan to further expand our output with the help of more than a dozen new writers. Our leadership will change as well. Nathan La Huis and Josie Ness will be taking the helm as Co-Editors-in-Chief. They will be editing student pieces, assigning articles, writing editorials, and managing day-to-day functions of the Hawk Herald.

We look forward to sharing more articles that portray the stories and lives of Eastern High School and its student body. We appreciate all feedback and encourage our readers to email with any comments or questions. Thank you for support.


Josie Ness and Nathan La Huis,

2019-2020 Co-Editors-in-Chief


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