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Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Ahmicasaube

Ms. Ahmicasaube otherwise known as Sra. Ah is a Spanish and Sociology teacher at FHE High School and Middle School. Sra. Ah is currently wrapping up her 16th year of teaching and 13th year at Eastern. She has gifted many schools with her talent of connecting with people and teaching kids about places and culture outside of what they know. Over the years she has taught in Grand Rapids Public (bilingual school), Forest Hills Northern, migrant camps in Sparta, and a British Institute in Chile.

During her high school years, she attended Grand Rapids Christian High School and participated in soccer and cheer as well as working throughout high school in athletic clubs, restaurants, and yogurt shops. Sra. Ah expressed the fact that she did not enjoy high school because she felt she lacked a connection with her teachers creating an environment in which people could not fully be themselves. Although she did not necessarily enjoy school she did enjoy her religion class “not because of the content, I just really liked my teacher.” Sra. Ah exclaimed.

Sra. Ah makes sure to engage students in her classes while also preparing them for the world whether it be from a professional standpoint or life in general. She thoroughly enjoys teaching Spanish and sociology. Her favorite component of teaching she expressed was “feeling like you are inspiring someone.” Throughout her teaching career,  Ms. Ah expressed that she has learned a lot but one of the most important life lessons she has learned through this experience is that “life is always full of surprises, you have to be adaptable,” she stated.

Students throughout the school admire and have great respect for Sra. Ah,  she has inspired and enlightened many creating a long-lasting impact. Senior, Hannah Herron,  was greatly impacted by her class “Ms. Ah made such an impact on me that I have decided to minor in sociology, she is one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had, she is one of a kind.”  Herron is not the only one so greatly impacted by the stories and teachings of Ms. Ah. She has touched many students throughout the years, and FHE could not find a better person to open the minds of students and teach new perspectives.

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