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Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Schellenberg

Mrs. Schellenberg is an English teacher at FHE, continuing on with an astounding fifteen years under her belt. However, teaching wasn’t always her first choice. She believes that she has always wanted to be a teacher, but was simply unsure of the fact that she wanted it. Young Mrs. Schellenberg was consumed by another passion: becoming a cowgirl. She had all the supplies: the boots, the hat, the music. As she grew older, she gradually moved away from this childhood dream and took a position in marketing at Amway. Despite the joy of jetting around the world at a whim, that little voice kept pushing her towards teaching. When asked what she would be now, she replied: “retired.”

Mrs. Schellenberg’s favorite subject in school was Human Anatomy and Physiology. She loved the way the body works together and finds it fascinating to study. Upon entering college, she even pondered the idea of continuing as a Pre-Med student until she came to the realization that the path of study required lots of chemistry, which just has too many numbers for her. Using her knowledge of health and how the body and brain work, along with her compassion for her students, she believes that an important key to educating is a focus on stress relief. She wishes placing an emphasis on reducing student stress would benefit the school as a whole.

Being a teacher is an important role as they are with students every day of the week. Part of this requires a teacher to be in control of their emotions, and have a clear idea of what type of message they want to present to their students. In order to inspire one typically has an inspiration. For Mrs. Schellenberg, she mentioned that her father was a principal and Christian school teacher. She remarked, “he was the reason why I thought I wouldn’t want to be a teacher, but now that I am a teacher, he is also the reason why I became a teacher.” Being a strong and confident woman, she can give off a quite intimidating presence, but beneath the facade is a empathetic and loving teacher, who loves her students as much as they should love her. Not only is she inspired by her father, but her passion for teaching is what keeps her going, year after year.

For Mrs. Schellenberg,  English is the subject that captured her heart. Reading is one of the keys to getting in Schelly’s good graces…her favorite genre is historical fiction. While preferring reading over writing, if she could only read five books for the rest of her life they would go as follows: Shadow of the Wind, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Enrique’s Journey, The Bible, and CDB. Out of all of the books she has read, these have ranked at the top, her favorite novel to teach, however, would be A Thousand Splendid Suns. She explained that she loves it when kids get to the end and realize “I get it now.”

Mrs. Schellenberg will not stand for any “bologna” in the classroom. She does not stand for tardiness, and she will scare students into punctuality. She has received some pretty amazing tardy excuses, but one of her favorites would be “The Mustard Incident.”  Another piece of advice Schelly would offer to her students is to own up to individual  actions. She stated, “Be honest. If you didn’t do the homework, admit it, and then do it next time.” Most importantly she wants students to read more.   Arching above her door to her class is a motto/quote that takes a special role in her curriculum: “Read enough to be Successful.”

Mrs. Schellenberg isn’t just a teacher, she is a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. Her favorite sport would be basketball or the high jump in track. She participated in both throughout her student career. If she could have dinner with someone “Dead or Alive” she chose Abraham Lincoln. Her favorite time of the day is 5:30 in the morning before students come in for the day.  It’s quiet and she can get a tremendous amount of work done. One of the best places she has traveled would be Barcelona, Spain. She mentioned the beauty of the city as well as the culture.

All in all Mrs. Schellenberg is a force to be reckoned with, but also an amazing person to have as a mentor and friend. She cares about her students and she cares about what she is teaching them. She aims to inspire and mold students to be the best that they can be. She is the best cheerleader and the best coach.  In the words of Mrs. Schellenberg,  ” Read enough to be successful. Think outside yourself. Be kind.”