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Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Buchanan

Mrs. Buchanan has been a teacher at FHE for 11 years, but has been teaching for a total of 14 years. At Eastern, she is the marketing and personal finance teacher along with running the school store and leading DECA. Growing up with her mom as a business teacher, also inspired her to be a teacher. Her teachers in high school had an impact on this. “My Spanish and physical education teachers in high school were really supportive of kids, and I wanted to be like them, ” according to Mrs. Buchanan. She knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was sixteen. After high school, she attended Central Michigan University and majored in Business Education and minored in Physical Education. Recently, Mrs. Buchanan was awarded, “Mister Carwash Teachers Who Shine Award.”  A student nominated her and wrote an essay on why she was the perfect nominee. Not only the Hawk Herald celebrates Mrs. Buchanan, but be sure to congratulate her!

What do you like to do outside of school?

Eat, golf, play sports and Minecraft with my kids.

What is your Starbucks order? 

Black coffee or Skinny vanilla latte,  no foam

Who would play you in your life movie?

Christina Applegate

Who is your favorite artist or band?


What is your biggest pet peeve?

When students yell across the room or talk super load so everyone can hear them.

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

Buy new chairs for my classroom and invest the rest.

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  1. Debbe Dubry Debbe Dubry

    I am so proud of you Mrs. Jayme Buchanan, I knew you would be a wonderful teacher and would love teaching high school business as much as I did. I also knew by age 16 that I wanted to be a business teacher, so must be genetic. I am honored that you have followed in my footsteps and are teaching skills that will help students succeed throughout their lives. Congratulations on your award! Great job Jayme!

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