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Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown’s dog, Lucy

Ms. Jacquie Brown has been a teacher at FHE for 6 years, including her time at Knapp Forest Elementary. Ms. Brown teaches Health, Fitness, and Leadership. She exclaimed that her favorite part of teaching is “Getting to spark my passion into another student, for living a healthy life,” whether physically or mentally.

Throughout her teaching career, she has learned that seeing the “light bulb go off” is completely true! She loves to see when students “click” with what they’re learning and are able to make connections from other aspects of their lives. Being able to help make that happen is a privilege according to Ms. Brown.

Ms. Brown and her husband hiking in Arizona.

During her high school years, Ms. Brown attended Caledonia High School. She loved her high school experiences. She enjoyed pep assemblies, spirit weeks, getting to know her teachers, and spending time with all of her classmates. Her favorite classes in school were health and science/human anatomy. “I loved learning about the human body and how it worked and how what you put into your body influences the outcome of how your body performs,” stated Ms. Brown.

Being involved in school activities played a major role in her high school career and even her career today. She participated in Student Council, Leadership, NHS, Volleyball, Softball, and the Cal Zone (spirit squad). Having participated in all of these extracurriculars inspired her to share her ideas with more people.  She felt involvement with Student Government, Ms. Brown co-leads FHE’s Student Government, and teaching a Leadership class allows students to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

A homemade cauliflower crust pizza, made by Ms.Brown.

In Ms. Brown’s free time she enjoys reading, hiking with her husband, being with her dog, Lucy, trying new recipes to bake/cook, and has a secret love for HGTV. So great is her love for HGTV,  she claims she probably was a realtor in another life. Ms. Brown is bringing great new dimensions to FHE from her new Leadership class to her health classes. Students love her energy and aspect of positivity which helps motivate students to work harder to reach their goals.

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