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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Wysocki

Mr. Wysocki teaches World and U.S. History at FHE. He attended Forest Hills Northern as a student and continued his academic career at Michigan University. When asked about his experience of high school he replied, “I grew up loving the community that was school. My school experience included constantly questioning the teacher and the content.  When I was wrong, getting kicked out of class or sleeping was the way. I hated school so much I wanted to become a teacher. ”

Mr. Wysocki minored in psychology, which has always been a passion of his, his father was a psychologist and he grew up listening to stories of his patients. He majored in history with a primary focus in U.S. history. “I enjoyed learning about knowing where we have been, in order to know

Mr. Wysocki practicing his golf form

 where we are going,” added Mr. Wysocki.  He teaches passionately, but he didn’t become a teacher just to teach about history. When asked why he decided to become a teacher he responded, “I’ve loved being around people who I could have an emotional connection as well as understanding.  Empathy is one of the best skill sets you can have. I hope I can be empathetic to every student I have. I would hope to give better life advice to students than the advice I received about hard times in life and the best times of my life.” 

Mr. Wysocki’s life isn’t just based in the classroom, “I love playing baseball and football. Taking care of my lawn, I became my parents at the age of 25. No one tells you when you buy a house you become your parents. I hate that I like mowing my lawn. I also like being around friends and family.”

If there was any class Mr. Wysocki would take at FHE, he stated,  “Tolly, psychology. I want to see how old people think, I hope he reads that.” Mr. Wysocki is someone who anyone can go to for a laugh, he is easy to relate to, and any of his students can tell he enjoys being at school. If the need arises for singing karaoke, just stop by his room!