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Nathan La Huis and Camila Meraz Elected Co-Presidents of Student Government

On Wednesday afternoon, Nathan La Huis (‘20) and Camila Meraz (‘20) were announced to be the winners of the presidential election for Forest Hills Eastern High School’s Student Government.

Vipul Adusmilli (‘20) and Luis Vasquez (‘20), the other two candidates, both plan to take positions on the Executive Board next year. Nathan and Camila will be leading the club for the 2019-2020 school year and will be responsible for planning many school events, including dances and assemblies.

During his speech on Wednesday afternoon, Nathan set forth a plan with five specific priorities for his presidency. His plan consisted of creating new, smarter trash bins and recycling bins in the Great Hall and hallways to help Eastern become more environmentally friendly as well as introducing the Chalkboard Project to FHE to help build school unity. He also shared his vision to bring fundraising into the FHE community in the fall. Nate hopes to increase the efficiency of student government meetings and successfully organize Homecoming and Swirl with the other members of Student Government.

Camila spoke to her ability to be an effective listener and support the ideas of all students — both inside and outside of Student Government. She hopes to foster unity at FHE and implement an event for students after football games. She is excited about new leadership in the school and plans to work to improve school spirit. Camila ended her speech with a call to action: “We are forming Eastern’s culture and it is our responsibility to make it great.”

They will be taking over the position from Emily Dann (‘19) and Emma Elmouchi (‘19), the co-presidents of the 2018-2019 school year. The newly elected presidents say they are excited to take the club in a unique direction and that they believe it will be the most successful year of student government yet.