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Who Has the Best Smile at FHE?

Seeing someone’s smile can totally change the course of the day for another person. Smiling is a simple action that we can consciously make day-to-day. It can often go unnoticed, but at the same time it can affect people so deeply. It can be the most identifiable and best features of a person’s qualities. We checked in with FHE students to ask who they thought had the most contagious, inspiring, and best smile at school. Here were the results:

Voted Top 5 Girls with Best Smile (in order of votes)

  1. Grace Colburn
  2. Sara Plante
  3. Isabel Gil
  4. Mia Dart
  5. Anna Bowman

Top 5 Runners-up for Girls (in alphabetical order)

Janna Girotto

Alexis Howell

Brooke Morley

Sadie Rose

Rachel Thomas


Top 5 Boys with Best Smile (in order of votes)

  1. Sai Bharthipudi
  2. Gabe Rose
  3. Caleb Kuiper
  4. Sladen Van Andel
  5. Sam Colburn

Top 5 Runners-up for Boys (in alphabetical order)

Harrison Centner

Brady Cox

Michael Hunter

Chris Tolly

Seth Wolowski