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What’s Shamrock Shakin’?

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, McDonalds’s sets the spotlight on their company with their famous ice cream treat, the Shamrock Shake. The festive minty concoction, only available in mid-February through the end of March, attracts thousands of customers annually (without fail). The Hawk Herald set out to taste test and figure out why this green, well-known drink is attracting so much attention. Before the staff of The Hawk Herald ventured to the nearest McDonald’s, some writers already had strong opinions about the shake. Josie Ness (2020) expressed,” all mint ice creams and mint shakes are essentially just frozen toothpaste.” As the staff set out on our milkshake excursion, one question surfaced, is the drink so popular because of the taste, or because people tend to support what the majority of others are supporting?

Shamrock Shake

To the staff’s surprise, the construction of the seemingly legendary drink was not a pretty process. The employees simply place a cup under a machine, press a button, and an unmixed brew of white and green melty liquid sloshes into the cup. The employees then proceed to dollop it with whip cream, grab a straw, set it on the pickup counter, yell out an order number, and repeat. Upon the first sips, the staff agreed that the drink was mediocre at best. Far from a mind-blowing experience that some expected, the drink was, in all honesty, pretty diluted. There’s no doubt that some customers go absolutely ballistic for the specialized holiday drink, but others are hopping on the bandwagon simply because that’s the thing to do these days. The Hawk Herald invites you to share your thought on the Shamrock Shake in the comments below.