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What is FHE Doing For Spring Break?

The Hawk Herald sent out a poll to students to determine spring break destinations! Even with the photoshopped cover image above readers can tell that everyone, even staff will be enjoying their break as well. We received a great variety of answers from FHE students, and here are some of the most popular spring break activities:

Where is Eastern Going?

Almost forty percent of students said they were staying at home for spring break where temperatures will fluctuate from freezing temperatures to high fifties. A quarter of students will be traveling to the warm weather and sunshine of Florida. Just over ten percent of FHE will be traveling to the East Coast where the southern coast will be in the seventies and the northeast will be just as cold at home. Another destination is venturing Out West. The Western United States temperates will range from the thirties and forties in Colorado and Utah, to the eighties up in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. A small percentage of students will be traveling to Europe, New York City, the Caribbean, and Mexico over spring break as well.

How Will They Get There?

Over half of the students will be traveling to their destination by car, and a little over forty percent will be arriving by plane.

What Will They Be Doing on Vacation?

The majority of students indicated they were staying home, and to no surprise, said they will be spending most of their time sleeping, shopping, and spending time with friends. Those going to warmer locations, however, said they will sunbathing, swimming, visiting family, visiting colleges, and spending time with friends. Some unique answers included skiing, hiking, reading, and going to amusement parks. Juniors overwhelmingly told us as well that they will be studying for the SAT which will be coming up on April 9.

If you want to share with us your amazing experiences over this break, contact us by email at, over Instagram at @hawk.herld, or visit us in person during fourth hour in Ms. Barnes’ room, B219. One Day To Go, FHE!

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