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The Many Clubs of FHE

FHE is showcasing their many different clubs and organizations to the incoming freshmen and high school students. The variety of extracurricular activities allow for FHE students to be well-rounded, to better know their classmates, and to build their character. Each club is unique and offers different perspectives.

Baking Club

Baking club is a fun and interactive club where people can go to have a fun time. The Baking Club meets once a month and bake cookies, brownies and many other baked goods. Students are planning to have a fundraiser soon to raise money for a local organization. The fundraiser will take place in the spring and will happen during first and second lunch. “You should join because we have a fun time and we get to eat a lot of food.” – Grace O’Keefe (‘20)

Meeting day/time: Friday 2:50 – 3:50 pm, Room A124
Adviser: Mr. Thomas

Computer Science Club

The main goal of this club is to inspire students in the fields of STEM and gain experience with coding. From learning the basics of Raspberry Pi to coding in Java, it is essential that our generation gains knowledge of the technology that surrounds us. This is not just a club where students learn coding, but also a club in which we learn the basic of computers, software, and express creativity through coding. “The first few meetings we learned simple code with a graphing calculator: an excellent way to grasp primary programming statements such as if and then statements, storing variables, etc.  There are also meetings with learning about the hardware of computers. We move on to using online software programs (such as Scratch, JavaScript, and working with the members to do their projects and be creative.” – Sneha Rajagopalan (‘20)

Meeting day/time: Wednesday 2:50 – 3:50 pm, Room B201

Adviser: Ms. Brasic


DECA is a type of business competition that prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. “I think others should join because it is a really good real-world experience (even if you don’t want to go into business) and helps to develop your professional skills. It also gives you many opportunities to network with other businesses and students across Michigan. Above all, it is a super fun time and Mrs. Buchanan is the best advisor ever.” – Jessica Armstrong (‘19)

Meeting day/time: Room D-03
Adviser: Ms. Buchanan

Mock Trial  

Mock Trial is an annual competition that is designed to reenact much of what happens in trial courts. Every November, teams across Michigan receive the same case and must prepare plaintiff and defense sides of the case. Students can play the role of a witness or an attorney. We write all of our materials, such as direct examinations, cross examinations, opening statements, closing statements, and devise strategies for both sides. Last Saturday, we had our Regional Competition at the courthouse in downtown Grand Rapids. This year, FHE is one of two teams from the Kent County Regional to compete at the State Competition this upcoming Saturday, March 23. Mock Trial is great for learning legal procedures, public speaking and critical thinking skills, and team building. Please contact Kyle Korte with any further questions you might have. Thank you for providing this opportunity for club exposure to the Forest Hills Eastern student body. – Kyle Korte (‘20)

Adviser: Ms. McCarthy

Model United Nations

Model UN is no longer a class, but it is a club. MUN meets for about 2 hours to prepare for conferences in the fall. Students attended conferences at U of M, MSU, and one in Kalamazoo too. These conference rage from 3-4 days, in which students stay at hotels. As a club, we represent a nation and its international stance on various world problems. In the past topics have included Denuclearization of North Korea, The Conflict in Israel/Palestine, and Human Rights Violations. This club will help students gain a new perspective on the world by discussing nuanced problems. At conferences, students will debate about solutions to solve the issue and come to a consensus among the committee. “Students interested in politics, debate and current events will enjoy this club”. – Gaurang Vaidya (‘20)

Meeting day/time: Wednesday 6 – 8:30 pm Room B201
Adviser: Ms. Brasic


Theatre is fun, welcoming group that puts on a play, musical, and a student-directed show every year. It’s a place where students can make new friends from all grades and build lasting relationships with people outside of the normal friend circle. ” The shows are amazing and it’s a great place to let loose, step outside your comfort zone, and perform with kind, passionate people!” – Jill Pierangeli (‘20)

Meeting day/time: (seasonal)
Adviser: Ms. Pruski

Science Olympiad

There are many different science categories students can compete in, like anatomy and physiology or chemistry lab. There are 15 team members, and the club begins meeting around December and practices until the regional competition in March. Some events require studying and a lot of mental work, while other events are more hands on. “I would encourage others to join if they have an interest in science and want to explore the different sciences to see what options and skills you might need in the STEM field.” – Lisha Chadda (‘20)

Adviser: Ms. Geers

Student Government

Student Government is a group of students at FHE who plan various events throughout the year at school and represent the school! In student government, students fundraise for organizations in need and organize homecoming and Swirl dances. This includes the assembly, decorations, tickets, Spirit days, and other fun that has to do with the dances! “I love student government because it allows everyone to be really creative when brainstorming ideas for dances it helps to create new relationships throughout the school, as we have members who are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We have so much fun decorating and planning the dances and even going on bonding trips to Robinettes in the fall! If you like meeting new people, being involved at your school and are interested in helping to plan some of the biggest events of the school year. Student government is for you! If you would like to be on FHE student government next year, contact Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Teitsma for more information on applications in the spring”. – Gabi Sleeman (‘19)

Meeting day/time: Wednesday 2:50 – 3:50 pm
Adviser: Ms. Brown and Ms. Teitsma