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Students Speaking their Minds – TEDx Edition

The annual TedX speeches held at East Grand Rapids High School are coming soon on March 16! This year the offer to attend has been extended up to Forest Hills Public School students. This is an incredible opportunity for students to speak their minds, express themselves, share lessons they’ve learned, and any new eye-opening perspectives.

TEDx Logo

TEDx is providing an incredible opportunity for students by giving them the chance to speak their minds and have other students listen. In today’s day, that is not something very commonly found. Each year there is a new theme, this year’s theme is “Radical Reframe,” meaning students can speak about a number of things such as the issues with stereotypes and how to go about breaking those barriers down or something that has changed the speaker’s perspective.

Bridget Hollen ’19 doing her TED Talk in 2018.

“It’s really for people to talk about something in a new light that maybe others have never thought about before, ultimately getting people to change their way of thinking,” says Bridget Hollen (Senior at EGRHS). Hollen, on a whim, decided to give a talk last year, somewhat surprisingly, she loved it and decided to become the president of the event this year. Unfortunately, this year there have not been as many students able to participate which is why it is so important that FHE students take advantage of this opportunity that will not only prepare them for their futures, but show initiative and idea-sharing for future endeavors.

This opportunity is open to all FHPS students who are interested in doing a TED Talk on March 16th at EGRHS at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to attend the event to listen, if not interested in presenting an idea. Students are encouraged to reach out to Camila Meraz in person or at if interested in this event. Consider exploring and take advantage of this amazing opportunity for students to finally be able to speak their minds.

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