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New “Jeep’s Only” Parking Lot Plans Approved

On Thursday, March 14th, news broke of long-awaited, massive change to Eastern’s parking lot. For years, students have been pushing for this change to be made. Finally, their dream is coming true. Construction will begin in June for a separate parking lot for Jeeps only.

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Students have been advocating, rioting, and even starting petitions in order to receive approval for this new lot. The least used of Eastern’s nine outdoor sports fields, the middle school practice field on the far side of Eastern’s parking lot, will be transformed this summer to meet the needs of students.

Students with Jeeps, the most elite clique at Eastern, have been working hard to make this essential change to our school a reality. One student, Chad (20’) spoke to The Hawk Herald, “ honestly it’s been a struggle like, I can feel my Jeep depreciating like as it sits next to a 1999 Cadillac every morning. I just wanna separate place where my car can fit in, you feel me?” There are dozens of students, like Chad, who have expressed the same feelings and struggles.  

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Another student, Kourtney (‘21), gave us an emotional statement after the good news broke on Friday, “ like I am so happy right now. I got a new White Jeep Cherokee last week for my sweet sixteen, and it’s honestly such like a  relief knowing that like it’s gonna be safe to park at school. I can’t thank the administration like enough.

The Hawk Herald sincerely thanks Administration and The School Board for making this change!

*The Turkey Vulture articles are satirical and comedic. The contents are not true. No disrespect was intended toward the mentioned parties.

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