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Is Chuck-E-Cheese Really Reusing their Pizza? The Hawk Herald Investigates.

Last month, a shocking conspiracy was brought to light by a well-known Youtuber Shane Dawson. Dawson uploaded a second video, to a series he created investigating conspiracy theories. Some theories he included voice manipulation software, online dating scares, and the theory that the popular birthday party place for kids, Chuck-E-Cheese is possibly reusing their pizza. The pizza conspiracy took the social media world by storm. Former employees have reached out to deny or confirm. Other influences are visiting Chuck-E-Cheese to investigate for themselves, and many have spoken their mind about the issue on social media.

Customer’s Pizza Photos

In Dawson’s video, which has over 28 million views, Dawson explains the theory in detail to his viewers, that Chuck -E- Cheese may be reusing customers old, un-eaten pizza, and serving it to other customers as a “new” pizza. Dawson then proceeds to further the investigation by reaching out to former employees and those who agree with this theory. Dawson includes many pictures of deformed, suspicious looking pizza that customers have documented and shared. The pictures ( shown above) are, in fact, quite alarming, enough to make a person think twice about what’s really going on behind the scene at this popular, kid-friendly facility. However what was perhaps the most concerning, yet convincing, part of Dawson’s video, was his trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, which he filmed and shared in his video.

Shane’s Pizza
Shane Dawson

Dawson and his friends took a trip to the nearest Chuck-E-Cheese in Los Angeles, to order pizza and observe, with the hope of it looking just as suspicious as the pictures that have exploded all over the internet. The results Dawson and his friends were faces with, were shocking. The pizza was in fact completely misshapen, the cut lines were not consistent throughout the pizza, and the pieces of pepperoni did not match up (The images above are from Dawson’s trip).  Another disturbing addition to Dawson’s trip was an employees interactions with the leftover pizza on the table behind Dawson. The employee bussed all of the dishes except for the pizza plate, and seemed to mark or take note of the leftover pizza, before leaving the table. There are many plausible explanations for the employees’ behavior that have to nothing to do with the theory that Chuck-E-Cheese is reusing their pizza, but it is still nonetheless, raising some suspicion. Dawson continued his investigation, by interviewing another employee who was a fan and follower of his. Dawson confronted her with the theory and asked her if it was true. Dawson claimed she laughed nervously an didn’t answer the question, as the footage of the said interview was not in his video, only his recollection.  Dawson then brought the pizza home, and purchased a ruler, only to come to the conclusion that there was enough evidence to discern that the slices were not from the same pizza. Although Dawson did not come out and confirm the theory, the evidence in the video is enough to make any viewer convinced, including the staff of The Hawk Herald. Thus, we did what any good reporters would do, we set out to investigate for ourselves.

Our Pizza #1
Our Pizza #2

Our journey started with research inside the classroom, followed by our very own trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. It’s safe to say that the staff was surprised by the look of the pizza we received. We ordered one regular half cheese half pepperoni, the same order that Dawson placed, and one with the same toppings, but with stuffed crust. The arrival of our pizza took a long time, which threw us off. If they were reusing pizza,  we assumed it would be faster. Once our buzzer buzzed, a staff member walked up to the kitchen window, which seemed suspicious. The pizza was slid through a small opening, and we were unable to see inside the kitchen. Although is it not uncommon to be unable to see into the kitchen, it still raised some questions. Many commercials and video promos have been made by the Chuck-E-Cheese company, which show the step-by-step process of making pizza. Chuck-E-Cheese prides itself on its so-called handmade, fresh pizza, so why hide the kitchen from customers?

Upon our pizza’s arrival, the presentation felt suspicious. Uneven lines and cuts, and as a group, we concluded,   the pepperoni and cheese sides were definitely from different pizzas. Now, there is no way to prove that this is completely correct, but all the evidence from the public seems to lead to this theory as indeed plausible. We wonder what FHE friends have to share on the pizza at Chuck-E-Cheese!