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Ella Meloche: Model, Creator, Innovator

 Ella Meloche, a junior at FHE, shared her thoughts on life including her fame online and her ambitious modeling career. 

Tell me about yourself.

“I model for an agency in New York for State Management.”

When/how did you know that modeling was an interest for you?

“I wanted to be a model when I was really young and I kind of wanted to show people that you didn’t have to be a perfect skinny person to be a model. So, I kind of got into it that way. I started modeling when I was 12 years old and I emailed my pictures to an agency locally and then they met with me and signed me.”

What is it like having a sister with 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube? Is there ever any rivalry?

“It’s really cool having a sister with a lot of followers. Sometimes, it gets a bit annoying when you don’t want to have a ton of attention on you or if you just want to have dinner or something in public and then people who follow her will come up to you. But, there’s not really any rivalry we get along really well.”

How did your popularity expand on to your siblings?

“They started making Instagram channels and they made a small Youtube channel but they don’t really use it. And they just grew by my sister tagging them in pictures and then a ton of creepy little girls commenting on my brothers’ pictures.”

Is modeling something that you wish to continue on in life and pursue as a living?

“Yeah, I think I might go out to New York, closer to my agency, and then take online college classes maybe for a year or two to see how I like it. And then if I want to pursue it, I can finish online or take classes downtown.”

What are you most proud of in your modeling career?

“My biggest thing was just getting so many offers for agencies to be signed with, and I was really happy about that. When I first went to New York I got three contracts and it just made me really happy and proud of myself to see how far I’ve come from just being just a little twelve year old girl who had a family friend take pictures for her.”

What are some of the agencies you have worked with or gotten offers from?

“I am currently only signed with State Managements, but I was offered by True and Ford”

Are there any common misconceptions that you think people have of you? How do you respond to the hate and criticism?

“People think that I am really full of myself and I’m really not, I just go with the flow, do whatever. I’m not really the type of person to brag. They also think I’m a brat and I’m really not. I’m kind of cool if you get to know me. If people think that about me they can say whatever they want, but I know who I am and that’s what’s important.”

What do you most want people of FHE to know about you?

“I don’t want this to be my whole life and I still love having a normal high school life, and I didn’t try to be famous, it just kind of happened because of my sister.”