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Who is Fashion Forward at FHE?

Clothes are an outlet individuals use to express ourselves. Each person has a unique style that shows a little bit of the individual. In honor of the red carpet, the Hawk Herald asked students to share favorite fashionistas of FHE. A survey asking students to identify high style was sent out to the FHE student body to offer up the most fashionable of FHE’s. Individuality is key! Below are students who had two or more votes, and the top five had the most amount of votes. Congratulations to our style icons of FHE!


  1. Nate La Huis
  2. Cedric Steed
  3. Aidan Jacks
  4. Nanda Murali
  5. Tyler Simonson
Nate La Huis (’20) was voted the most fashionable boy here at Eastern.


  1. Hannah Meloche
  2. Ella Bowen
  3. Chloe Peters
  4. Mia Dart
  5. Macy Debaar
Hannah Meloche (’19) was voted the most fashionable girl.

Noteworthy Stylistas: Boys

Anish Premkumar
Api Sen
Brandon Pham
Brennan Phebus
Carl Wiseman
George Khamis
Harrison Centner
Jackson Peterson
Jaisal Chopra
Jared Rein
Rashad Abada

Noteworthy Stylistas: Girls

Anna Devarenne
Ashlyn Devries
Brie Pena
Claire Pomeroy
Claire Verbrugge
Jane Sypnewski
Komal Patel
Lilia Moore
Linsey Wozniak
Liv Keller
Liv Linn
Rylee Michaels
Tara Kloostra
Tyler Grubb