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Meet FHE’s New In-School Sheriff

Deputy Kresten Green recently became a familiar face at FHE. As the school’s Kent County School Resource Officer, he plays a major role in the districts new collaborative effort between schools, communities, students, and law enforcement to increase safety and communication.

Before working at FHE, Deputy Green visited schools and did presentations in schools with the sheriff’s department. He worked as a road patrol officer for eight years and a canine officer before that. As a road patrol officer, every day was different. The variation in his schedule was part of what attracted him to the profession.

“I didn’t really have a typical day. When you’re out there, you deal with whatever comes your way. There were days where I would be sitting around looking for something to do. Other days I would be going from domestic to domestic for drugs or anything like that.”

Deputy Green’s main priority is the safety and security for students and staff, but investigating things that occur inside the school is also part of the job. According to Deputy Green, the best way to enforce the school’s policy that prohibits vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is to encourage student accountability. He said that students must realize that although it may be legal for 18-year-olds outside of school, it is not legal on school property.

The new security standards at Eastern include the use of hall passes and a sign-out sheet for when student’s leave the classroom. If there is an incident within a specific time frame, school faculty will be able to pinpoint who was in the hallway at that time. Additionally, Deputy Green stressed that Forest Hills effectively mitigates possible security threats from outside of the school through the use of the buzzer system and security cameras.

Deputy Green was first exposed to the idea of working in schools because of his wife, a first-grade teacher at Thornapple Elementary School. While he doesn’t have much free time during the school year, part of what attracted him to a profession in schools is that the summers off allow him to spend time with his wife and two young children. When not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time outside.

To future police officers, Deputy Green recommends looking for internships, cadet positions, and job shadows in order to introduce yourself to other people in the field. Additionally, he suggests attending the Metro High School Police Academy in Grand Rapids.


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