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Getting Fit For the New Year

A new year often motivates individuals to create resolutions that better their health and quality of life. The promise of a new year encourages people to set goals in hopes of a better new year.  A significant portion of those resolutions includes getting fit. Whether its a change in diet, workout plan, getting up earlier, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or purchasing a new membership to a local gym, many individuals are motivated to make a healthy change in their lives.     After heaps of good holiday food, little sunlight and cold temperatures in the northern parts of the country, and spring break on the horizon, it makes sense why people might have to wait twenty minutes to score an open treadmill at the local gym.


It’s amusing however, that most people’s resolutions don’t last all that long. After the holidays, there is typically a rush to hit the gym, leading to full parking lots, and no open machines. However, numbers dwindle as the weeks into January drag on. Why is it so hard keep our resolutions, we might ask. Dr. Hoffman who writes for Psychology today, has a few answers. Working out and eating right is hard, “ Physiologically, we seek to avoid states of uncomfortable deficit.,” he says. To continue people often set goals that are too big to accomplish in no time at all, it’s nearly impossible to just flip a switch and stick to your new healthy lifestyle without the expectation that you might slip up once in a while. Another reason why many give up, is because they might not see results right away.  Putting in hard work , getting up earlier, and spending a fortune on healthy groceries, with no immediate results can be quite discouraging. Changing a lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Setting smaller goals that are more easily accomplished, often lead to more results.


There are plenty of fitness facilities around Forest Hills that offer great classes, and some discounted student prices. One of our very own FHE teachers, Mrs. Barnes, teaches both spin classes at the Mary Free Bed YMCA.  She said,“ it promotes lifelong health, even if you don’t consider yourself an “athlete” at school. The YMCA offers kids who don’t deem themselves as athletes, an opportunity to connect with others and find an outlet for fitness. The community at the Y is AWESOME!” If the YMCA and MVP memberships are too pricey for some, Planet Fitness offers a discounted price for students. To continue there are several cycling studios, yoga studios, and other fitness facilities that offer one session classes. Whatever type of exercise fits you best, The Hawk Herald encourages students, parents, and teachers to stay active and follow through with your goals.