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FHE Theatre Presents High School Musical

This past weekend, February 14, 15, and 16, FHE’s Theatre Department put on four productions of the well-known, and widely loved show, High School Musical. The cast and crew displayed their seasoned talent with an incredible show. The popular phrase ” the show must go on,” related very much to this winter musical. As the Polar Vortex swept through Michigan, it had a detrimental effect on the production of the show. Not only were rehearsals canceled along with school days, but staff director, Mrs. Pruski, was forced to reschedule the show altogether. With two added weeks of rehearsal the cast and crew grew closer, polished choreography, perfected scene changes, and became increasingly proficient in all lines and notes. Although the treacherous weather caused some discouragement and lots of added stress, the additional two weeks provided time for the cast, crew, and directors to make an already great show, outstanding.

Cast On Stage

The chemistry between actors was prevalent on stage, especially between Troy Bolton (Graham Howard ’18) and Gabriella Montez (Madison Mossner ’19). The impressive choreography performed by the entire cast in popular numbers such as “Stick to the Status Quo,” “We’re All in this Together,” and the “MegaMix” finale, featuring all the songs, blew the audience away. The actors were full of energy and brought the characters to life on the stage, and clearly entertained all ages.

An incredible set and detailed costumes only added to fantastic shows. Seniors expressed that life and relationships backstage were different than any other prior years. With the added two weeks, underclassman bonded with the leads and upperclassman more than previous shows.

While audience members were watching the intricate choreography on stage, the crew members in the wings were dancing and lip-syncing along to all the numbers. Staff member, Mrs. Pruski, the director of the show and head of FHE’s Theatre Department added, “I thought the show was fantastic, they went above and beyond. They killed the dances, the acting, the entrances, and everything. They were awesome. I was so proud of them. Despite the delays and weather, they still rose to the occasion, and I think the show was better because of the delays.” Congratulations to the cast and crew for delivering an awe-inspiring show!