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Couples of FHE: Valentine’s Day 2019

I asked four of the most well-known FHE couples to answer ten relationship questions that the Hawk Herald came up with for Valentines Day 2019. The couples include Hayden Foote (’20) and Kenzie Kempa (’20), Elijah Valeros (’20) and Kelsy Hill (’19), Graham Howard (’20) and Mallorie Brehm (’21), and Maddie Thompson (’22) and Kaden Kasper (’21). Here is what they said:

1. How long have you two been dating?

Hayden & Kenzie: A little under two years.

Elijah & Kelsey: One year, one month, and twenty-two days (minus one day in January).

Graham & Mallorie: Three months.

Maddie & Kaden: Four months.

  1. What was your first date like?

Hayden & Kenzie: Hayden recalls that it was nerve-racking for us, Kenzie says it was great, but a little awkward at first.

Elijah & Kelsey: Neither of us could drive, so Emma (Kelsey’s older sister) drove us to the Social Kitchen in downtown GR. From there we walked to Rosa Park Circle in the cold to go ice-skating. Elijah was SO horrible at skating, so we didn’t last more than 20 minutes before getting frozen yogurt across the street. We stopped to play a foosball table in this ice sculpture outside and Kelsey won. Mr. Valeros picked us up after. Awkward.

Graham & Mallorie: Did not really have one.

Maddie & Kaden: Homecoming 2018.

  1. Who drives?

Hayden & Kenzie: Given the current circumstances that Hayden is recovering from knee surgery, Kenzie is the driver.

Elijah & Kelsey: Elijah got his license a month ago, so we take turns. We both love being the driver.

Graham & Mallorie: Graham drives because Mallorie doesn’t have her license.

Maddie & Kaden: N/A (Freshmen don’t drive).

  1. What songs are on your couple playlist?

Hayden & Kenzie: Hayden says “Sunflower Seeds” by Bryce Vine and Kenzie says “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

Elijah & Kelsey: “Found/tonight” is one song we sing together by John Denver, “Love My Woman” by Zach Winters. There are probably too many kelijah spotify playlists.

Graham & Mallorie:  “Vincent” by Passenger, “Fuzzy” by Zuli, “Annie’s Song” by John Denver.

Maddie & Kaden: “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars, and “Little Things” by One Direction.

  1. When’s your next date?

Hayden & Kenzie: We’re on a date right now!

Elijah & Kelsey: Tomorrow. We are getting some crab rangoons from Rice Wok.

Graham & Mallorie: Not sure. We usually decide to go out on the day.

Maddie & Kaden: Sunday.

  1. How often do you text/snapchat each other?

Hayden & Kenzie: Hayden says we talk every night, and Kenzie says we stay in touch at least once a day.

Elijah & Kelsey: Kelsey doesn’t Snap so we rarely Snapchat. We don’t text during the school day, and from 3-7 we’re usually together so we never really text. We try to call most nights, though.

Graham & Mallorie: We text for the majority of the day.

Maddie & Kaden: Every day.

  1. Do you have cute nicknames for each other?

Hayden & Kenzie: Hayden calls Kenzie “Ms. Cute” and Kenzie calls Hayden “Love.”

Elijah & Kelsey: Kelsey is “Kels,” and Elijah is “E” (although he hates that). We also use “babe” and “buddy” a lot. Cringe.

Graham & Mallorie: No nicknames – just our names.

Maddie & Kaden: Both “Babe” and “Love.”

  1. Do your parents approve of the relationship?

Hayden & Kenzie: Both of them approve.

Elijah & Kelsey: Dads do. Moms do on a good day.

Graham & Mallorie: Both of them approve.

Maddie & Kaden: Yes!

  1. Where’s your favorite date spot?

Hayden & Kenzie: Both of us agree that its Jaku Sushi.

Elijah & Kelsey: Rice Wok.

Graham & Mallorie: We love to go mini-golfing.

Maddie & Kaden: We’re low-key and like hanging out at each other’s houses and sometimes seeing a movie.

  1. Do you have any favorite memories?

Hayden & Kenzie: Hayden’s favorite moment was our one year anniversary, and Kenzie recalls an adventure race that we did downtown last summer.

Elijah & Kelsey: Falling asleep with each other on the bus ride at Disney. This is when we both decided that we liked each other. Whenever we think about when our relationship started, we always bring up that ride in Disney.

Graham & Mallorie: Painting the rock before “I Hate Shakespeare.”

Maddie & Kaden: Walking to the car after dinner one night, Maddie asked Kaden to hold her hand. He looked at her and realized he was in love with her.