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Jamie Anderson: The Amazing Horror Filmmaker

When most of us started watching YouTube videos when the platform was released, Jamie Anderson ’20 was one of the many who found inspiration to become a YouTuber one day. She would film videos on her old laptop’s built-in camera and edit them in Movie Maker. After a while, she used an actual camera and “spent hours editing vlogs that would never be seen.”

Creating storylines and being on camera sparked her interest in theatre and film. She began watching “behind the scenes of movies…and loved the idea of being on set and being in charge of a huge creative project.” Jamie’s first film was called Outside the Window and after that, she filmed her first film with actors and a script called Introvert, Extrovert.

She found her love for filmmaking and directing on the set of her movie, Daydreamer. The story follows a girl named Charlie who escapes her boring everyday life through daydreams. This allowed Jamie to travel “wild with [her] ideas and [allowed her to be] super creative.”

The cover of Jamie Anderson’s published book, which is available on Amazon.  The link is below:

Last summer, Jamie filmed a short horror film called Tag, You’re It. It’s about three girls who find out about a free overnight stay on a campground, but they can’t leave no matter what. This has, so far, been the only one to have its trailer shown on Eastern Television, or ETV. Recently, she just wrapped up filming on her latest horror short film, Unease. Both films, if accepted, will be shown at the Kent County Teen Film Festival on Saturday, February 23, 2019, at 10:30 a.m at Celebration Cinema North.

As well as her array of short films, Jamie also wrote a book called Beauty Is Pain. In the book “there is the Choosing. One way, you are sent to work as a slave in the beauty industry. The other, you live your life, trying to be more beautiful.” I highly recommend the book and it’s currently available for purchase on Amazon.