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Jaisal Chopra

Jaisal Chopra, a freshman at FHE, he is heavily involved theatre and also plays soccer. The name Chopra may ring familiar,  Jaisal’s older sister Reet, graduated in 2018, but Jaisal is taking the spotlight back. Impressively, as a freshman, Jaisal played a a larger role in FHE’s fall play, and his performance was phenomenal. His involvement and clear passion for theatre, has contributed largely to Eastern’s theatre department.

Jaisal in FHE’s Fall Play

Jaisal is also involved in sports, and puts hours of hard work into playing for PASS Soccer Club. When speaking with Jaisal’s friends, everyone has nothing but warm comments about Jaisal. He is positive, kind, and is a friend who brings light to everyone’s day. He is incredibly hard-working, and is able to balance excellent grades, with theatre, and sports. When asked what Jaisal loves about FHE, he replied, ” I love that many people are positive and have great vibes.” It is clear that Jaisal is a freshman with a promising future, and displays excellent qualities as a person and is a role model and a favorite amongst students at FHE.

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