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Hostile Hallway Holiday Happenings.

The annual decoration of the hallways in “holiday spirit” kicked off this week, and the frenzy of lights, paper, and glitter was a sight to be seen on the morning of Tuesday, December 12. What always starts as a friendly competition between the staff members, quickly escalated into a heated battle of hallways, but this year’s decorative touch outshined others. 

B Hall morphed into a true winter wonderland, complete with dozens of strings of lights, carefully crafted snowflakes, and bucketfuls of glitter. Not to mention, the entrance to the hallway, featured huge blow-up Holiday figures with lively holiday music blaring from a speaker.    

Bhall Entrance with inflatables

While A Hall might have lacked in lights, their famous holiday scenes above the working desks, made many students and staff stop and stare in awe. Snowflakes and seasonal greetings were painted on the large windows in A Hall, and teachers decorated with several string lights. Clearly, B hall has the festive touch, while A hall added a shout-out to holiday movies. Which hall did you favor? Comment below. 

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