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Gabi Sleeman: The “Hippie of FHE”

Gabi Sleeman is a senior here at FHE. She has been involved in varsity sideline cheer for the past four years, but she is involved in many more interesting activities outside of the classroom.

“I have been apart of sideline cheer for the past four years, I feed the homeless every Thursday with my aunt Downtown, and I volunteer at the Humane Society a few times a week.” Gabi’s ambition to give back is inspiring to hear, but she does not do it for the praise. “I like to give back to the community, I try to do my best to help out wherever I can.”

Outside of her activities she loves her cat, hanging out with friends, and  painting. “I like to hang out with Jessica [Armstrong], I like to cook, I buy way too many plants & I buy way too many art pens,” said Gabi while she suddenly interrupted by Isabel Nowak (’19), “You also love to sleep talk!”  Karah Martin (’19) quickly added, “You also like to teach your cat to sit and take her for walks!” “Oh yeah, I have a harness for my cat,” Gabi conceded while laughing!

Veganism has become a popular lifestyle here at FHE, and Gabi became one earlier this year. When asked why she adapted this lifestyle she answered, “I mostly became vegan because of the environment and for future generations. I want my kids to experience the planet like I can, and be able to enjoy it. I also do it for the animals, but a lot of it is for the environment”.

Gabi Sleeman’s artwork


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    Love my bestie Gabi!!! Good job Lilia 🙂

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