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Daniel Kurylo: Theatre Extrordinaire

Athlete. Theatre star. Friendly face, and standard senioritis victim. Daniel Kurylo, ‘19, is an addition to the 2018 trend of not sleeping, not eating, and yet still managing to survive high school. Balancing sports such as football, and track, while participating in the arts is no easy feat for anyone. Daniel is a constant presence in the theatre productions at FHE.  Whether it be a play or musical, his smiling face graces the stage with excitement.

While enjoying the social aspect of theatre and sports, he is still an exceptional student. Although he may seem like an everyday senior, he is actually an extraordinary member of the FHE flock. When asked if he had any advice for underclassmen he exclaimed, “JOIN THEATRE!  It is an incredible social environment filled with a variety of different personalities and talent. You are able to hang with students you might not know very well.”

Strengthening his love of FHE theatre, Daniel shared his favorite FHE memory as, “On the closing night of Star-Crossed Scholars, I asked Megan to prom…and she didn’t say no!” For those who may not know Daniel as well, Megan is Megan Wilhoit (Class of 2018) and has been in a relationship with Daniel for seven months. Their love of the arts keeps the two together.

If singing and dancing isn’t your thing, theatre can still be a great place to meet people. Just take it from Daniel, who found not only the theatre to love, but also someone special to love.