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What Eastern Is Thankful For

Thanksgiving has passed us, and the holiday seasons are just around the corner. The Hawk Herald went around Eastern to see what the Hawks are thankful for this holiday season. 

Alex Zheng (‘19)- My rights as an American.

Stephanie Tolly (‘21) – That I grew an inch!

Elijah Valeros (‘20)- My car, wait, change that to Kelsey!

Harrison Centner (‘20)- The schools positivity & Hundred Grand candy bars.

Madison Mossner (‘19)- Lucy Dobson and Quizlet.

Luke Whitsell (‘19)- My church baseball league.

Mr.Starling- Family.

Lauren Hicks (‘19)- My dog, Scrappy

Mrs.Kohlhaas- The sunny skies and sunshine on my face.

Graham Howard (‘20)- Musical theatre and choir.

Sara Vargas (‘19)- Emily Slywka

Taylor Potter (‘19)- My dog.

Mr.Morley- The theatre department, they rock.

Mary Dzuiba (‘21)- Calculators.

Carly Maltbie (‘21) – Our school, we have a good school.

Taylor Reynolds(‘21)- My friends and Netflix.

Denny Tepic(‘22)- Oxygen

Jake Roche (‘19)- a cute selfie Lucy Dobson and I took yesterday.

Soraya Holman (‘19)- I am thankful for my eyebrows.

Jimmy Braun (‘19)- The Boyz

Gabi Sleeman (‘19)- Lilia Moore

Nanda Murali (‘22)- The Hawk Herald

Naomi Peterson (‘22)- The teachers and their work.

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