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The Costume Scandal

Leading up to Halloween week, FHE students were repeatedly told NOT to wear costumes to school on Halloween. We were told on ETV, over our emails, and even on our website, FHE Administration put out reminders to not wear costumes. During sixth hour on Halloween Eve,  the public address came on and stated,  “FHE Staff and Students were now allowed to wear costumes!” It was a shock to everyone, including the teachers. With one night to scramble together a costume, these are a few of the best dressed here at FHE on Halloween.

B Hall Teachers getting into the spirit of Halloween while dressing like bee’s. 
Emily Slywka(’19) and Avery Gawel(’19) dress in matching cow outfits.
Carly Hubbard(’19) dresses as a jar of salsa. 
Mrs.Buchanan dressed as a referee.
Hailey Sands(’20) dressed as a cop riding a motorcycle.
Mrs. Brown with a group of freshmen students were excited to wear costumes!
Molly French(’20) dressed as Ellie from Jurassic Park.
Gabi Sleeman(’19) takes a selfie with Gracie Sleeman(’19) and Lilia Moore(’19) dressed as frat boys.

Which costume is you favorite? Comment down below!

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