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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, an American holiday,  is a time to celebrate our family and friends and all we are thankful for with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The American holiday originated almost 500 years ago,  in 1621, when the Wampanoag Native Americans and Pilgrims from the newly founded Plymouth Plantation, shared a meal together. Today, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pie for dessert. However, some families like to do thing a little differently, creating their own traditions, and stepping away from the norms of a thanksgiving dinner.

Adrienne Harvey (2019) and her family celebrate Thanksgiving is a particularly interesting way. Every year her family selects a different country, such as this year it’s China, and Adrienne’s family decorated the house in traditional Chinese decor and shares a Chinese meal together. This unique family tradition celebrates other cultures while still sticking to the ideals of sharing a meal together. Other families have chosen to ditch the turkey purely for taste reasons.  Jana Girotto (2019) says, “ my mom hates turkey, so we make sushi from scratch together.” Families can still eat together and spend time with one another, without sticking the typical traditions, which raises an interesting point. Thanksgiving isn’t really about the food, although we may pretend it, it’s about expressing gratitude for our lives and those that are in it.

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