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FHE Theatre Presents I Hate Shakespeare

Every fall the students of FHE put on a fall play. These plays range from tragedies, to full-blown comedic geniuses. This year was no exception, parodying the works of the great William Shakespeare. The “I Hate Shakespeare” play allowed for students and adults alike to transcend into their former trauma, high school and college English class. Many recall Shakespeare simply as a jumble of old-English words that make no sense to the average mind, but the play “I Hate Shakespeare” broke it down into a language that everyone can understand.

The scene is set when Austin Sietsma (‘20) appears on the stage performing as Hamlet and his rendition of the infamous lines, “To be, or not to be.” However, his scene is rudely interrupted when an angry audience member, played by Lucy Dobson (‘19), begins heckling incessantly.  Badgering the actor with her criticism of Shakespeare, stating the belief that his works are no longer relevant in today’s society. This in essence throws the show into motion.

“I Hate Shakespeare” was a parody of the classics of Shakespeare filled with wit, and non-stop moments of laughter. Featuring spoofs of interview talk shows like The Jerry Springer show, and old-school game shows like The Dating Game, the play added the spice of Shakespeare and allowed the audience to expand horizons and previous notions regarding Shakespeare. As the actors continued through their lines, the angry audience member, Lucy Dobson (‘19), gradually developed a new perspective on Shakespeare and the meaning behind his words. Using humor and basic language this play allowed not only a good time and lots of laughs, but also an important lesson on Shakespeare. Eventually we, the audience, realize, although it can come with groans, and drowsiness, we really don’t hate Shakespeare.