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When Is the Right Time To Start Listening to Christmas Music?

Christmas music. When is the right time to start listening to it? Walking through Meijer or any store, right now, the holiday decor and sounds overpower shoppers, yet we haven’t made it to Halloween!  It seems to be a controversial topic around this time of year. Should we start listening before Thanksgiving, or maybe before Halloween? Or is that too early, and should we not start listening to it before December?  If the band starts rehearsing holiday tunes in October, should the student body follow radio stations, 100.5 or 105.7, on November 1st?  The Hawk Herald asked students and staff what time is the “right time” to start listening to Christmas music.

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Kenzie Johnson(’20)– “December 23rd.”

Ben McKim(’22)- “Beginning of November, even though my mom listens to Christmas music throughout the summer.”

Mrs.Barnes(Staff at FHE)– “The day after Thanksgiving.”

Madison Mossner(’19)– “There will be times in the middle of summer where I am really feeling Christmas music. But then, October is specifically reserved for the spooky season and Halloween. Thanksgiving in my mind is not a fall holiday, but a pregame for Christmas. Pretty much, half way through November.”

Hannah Herron(’19)– “Christmas should be celebrated year round, it is the only holiday I will recognize.”

Lillian Covell(’19)– “I love Christmas, but Christmas music creeps me out because the song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, scared me as a kid.”

Elijah McClellan(’19)– “If you start listening to Christmas music in October, I will fight you.”

Nate LaHuis(’20)– “December 25th- December 26th”

Katie Noom(’20)– “After Thanksgiving, or else it is annoying to me! (sorry)”

Catherine Hilty(’22)– “Everyday. Always. Never Ending.”

Natalie Winn(’19)– “After Thanksgiving.”

Will McManus(’22)– “Never.”

Josie Ness(’20)- “Day after Thanksgiving!!!”

Ellie Everhart(’22)– “Everyday.”

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