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Spooky Season Movies! Here Are A Few FHE Peers Have To Suggest!

With Halloween right around the corner, we all could use a favorite Halloweenish movie. Looking for the perfect Halloween or “spooky” movie, The Hawk Herald has some tips:

Lucy Dobson (’19)– Coraline

Lilia Moore (’19)– The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Claire Dylenski (’21)– Halloween Town 

Carson Smith (’22)– Halloween 

Bella Arnold (’22)– Hocus Pocus 

Anastasia Anthony (‘21)- Goosebumps

Jessica Armstrong (‘19)– The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Isabel Nowak (’19)– Coraline 

Komal Patel (‘22)-Halloween Town

Hannah Bhaskaran (‘22)- The Nightmare Before Christmas

Andrew Karafa (’22)– Halloween 

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