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Small Foot, Big Impact

Small Foot Movie

Above the clouds on an icy mountaintop, hidden from the world below is a society that refutes all criticism. Perched atop that frigid peak is Yeti. The animated children’s film Small Footis a movie that flips the urban legend of humans searching for Big Foot, completely upside down.

In this film, the main Yeti, Migo, lives with his father in a cave and dreams of taking over the family business of ringing the gong every morning. This endearing tale of a young Yeti discovering something he believed to be false, and making an unlikely bond is not only perfect for children, but suitable for other age groups as well.

The film is chock full of hidden meanings and arresting parallelism to society today. The first undertone that can be seen is Yetis who are blindly following a set of rules, known as the stones, that the leader wears as a robe. The stones are a chronical of the Yetis history, including rules, legends, and “facts;”  there is no such thing as a small foot (human). This is notable because it shows the lack of knowledge many have today, corresponding with the infamous slogan: “Ignorance is Bliss.” Completely unaware of the truth these Yetis continue to live in peace. Until a “small foot” is seen. Leading to conflict that leaves Migo, the main Yeti, to reveal the truth.

One of the most epic moments of this entire film is the song in which the leader of the Yeti tribe, voiced by the rapper Common, performed a song called “Let it Lie.” The rap/song illuminates why the ancestors chose to lie and write laws, it also correlates to history and present times combined. The song describes the way that their society completely relies on the lies that the ancestors wrote as well as human nature’s tendency to predispose us to fear what we do not understand, emulating the persecution of all the different social classes and groups that were scared into leaving their homes.

When the Yetis first met the humans, they were met with pitchforks and hatred. The best part yet of this entire anthem is the lyrics. The first extremely relevant lyric is: “ The only thing stronger than fear is curiosity.” As well as this one: “You think knowledge is power Migo? The question is, what are you gonna do with that power?” These lyrics made my jaw drop and made the wheels in my mind start turning. Like a call-to-action in a persuasive essay, Common truly calls upon every individual to realize the horrific effects of ignorance. Also highlighted within the song is the leader declaring to Migo that his beliefs aren’t relevant because he is too young. That he will understand when he’s older. Something that the youth of today can relate too.

This entire film is technically a children’s film, but it will truly blow the minds of Americans of all age.  One line that continued to play in the background of Common’s song; “now you know, now you know, now you know…” So with that in your mind,  watch Small Foot, and ask yourself: If knowledge is power, what are you going to do with that knowledge? Or just watch the movie to see some animated Yetis and listen to the melodious voices of Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Danny Devito, Common, Gina Rodriguez, and so many other incredible actors! 

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